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What are the signs of a broken transmission pump?

//What are the signs of a broken transmission pump?

What are the signs of a broken transmission pump?

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Transmission pump is an important part of your backhoe loader/tractor. It’s basically an oil pump that allows transmission fluid circulation via the valve body. This helps control the bands and clutches controlling the planetary gear sets. If the transmission pump is not working, then your backhoe loader/tractor will malfunction and it might not even start at times. Here are some of the signs that show a transmission pump problem can appear soon.

There’s a burning smell

When you encounter a burning smell within your backhoe loader/tractor, things can be very serious or extremely problematic. If that’s happening, the best thing that you can do is to avoid any sign of panic. The transmission pump is most likely overheating and the fluid is burning. The smell can be easy to identify especially if you are checking the fluid dipstick. You will encounter that burning smell, not to mention the fluid is also darker. It can also appear when the fluid levels are low. If that’s not the problem, then you have transmission pump issues and you need to get them fixed.

Very hard shifting

If this happens it means that the gears are not properly lubricated and that can be a problem. If you have an automatic transmission, you will feel hesitation or jerking via accelerating. In the case of manual transmissions, you will see that the shift lever can be very hard to move into place.

Check engine light

Most of the transmission problems you encounter will be shown by the check engine light most of the time. That being said, you will need to work with a mechanic to figure out the source of this issue. It’s definitely not something simple to do. However, if the mechanic has a diagnostic machine the diagnosis process will be very easy and simple. And it will make it easier to figure out the source of this problem too. Thankfully, once you know the issue, you will know if you have to replace or just repair the transmission pump.

Transmission noises

The transmission pump should normally lubricate the sprockets and gears. But if you have transmission pump issues, then that won’t happen and you will encounter lots of noise. This appears due to friction created by transmission operation. As you encounter these noises the best thing that you can do is to really take your time with this and adapt to the situation. It will totally be worth it in the end, so try to do that and figure out what causes the issue.

While transmission pump issues can appear out of nowhere, these symptoms will help you identify a problem exists a lot faster. From here to solving your backhoe loader/tractor problems will be one single step. Of course it can get a bit tricky at times, but if you do this right the payoff can be great, and you should have no problem solving any issue. Check these out and you should be able to handle the process very fast!

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