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What are the functions of a transmission charge pump?

//What are the functions of a transmission charge pump?

What are the functions of a transmission charge pump?

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Getting the right transmission charge pump for your backhoe loader is very important. But you really need to know the functions of that charge pump as otherwise you don’t know which one to get. Ideally you should learn more about the transmission charge pump and its function before you commit to a certain model, just to be safe. Of course there are bound to be some challenges along the way, but if you have the right amount of focus and commitment this will work very well for you.

It needs to replenish lost fluid

Sometimes the transmission loop can bring in fluid loss. This can appear due to volumetric inefficiency from the motor and pump as well. The transmission charge pump is designed to help with that and it certainly makes the entire process seamless and very convenient. It’s a very good investment if you want your backhoe loader to work correctly and without worries.

Keeping pressure of the low side of the loop

The transmission charge pump is designed to keep a lot of pressure on the low side of the loop. This is required for hydrostatic lubrication and hold down, things that the pump/motor rotating group have to do. They are very important elements to think about and you need to take your time and study them correctly so they will work in a masterful manner.

Offering a flow/pressure source

On top of that, the transmission charge pump can also be used to offer a flow/pressure source for auxiliary functions. This means pilot controls or parking brake release. And it can also be a pressure or flow source for the activation of pump servo controls.

It needs to supply make-up fluid

Why is this important? Because such fluid is required to compensate for the load-induced conductor expansion or the oil compression in the transmission loop. This is one of those tasks that the transmission charge pump will have to do correctly and without any errors, otherwise it will end up bringing in a whole lot of challenges and you want to avoid that.

Replacing fluid

You should also keep in mind that the transmission charge pump can be used to replace fluid that’s purged from the loop. This can arrive via the hot oil flushing valve. That might be a bit challenging at times, but it’s important to think about and it will indeed bring you some resounding benefits if used adequately.

The transmission charge pump is very important for any backhoe loader. It will take a little bit to optimize and get used to its functions, but it’s definitely worth the investment and the payoff alone can be incredible with it. Just consider picking the best transmission charge pumps on the market and you will be more than ok. Yes, there are always lots of models out there, but you should always pick the one to suit your requirements. Also, talking with a professional will help narrow down the list too!

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