In the world of heavy machinery, a reliable and efficient transmission system is the backbone of smooth and productive operations. Backhoe loaders, bulldozers, tractors, wheel loaders, excavators, and other earth-moving equipment depend on flawless transmission to perform at their best. However, wear and tear or breakdowns in transmission components can lead to costly downtime and decreased productivity. This is where the high-pressure transmission maintenance pump comes to the rescue. Equipped with part numbers 181199A4, CA134725, and 146305, this blog will explore the significance of this powerhouse pump, its extensive applications across renowned machinery brands, and the unbeatable advantages that make it the ultimate choice for equipment owners worldwide.

  1. A Reliable Powerhouse: The Transmission Maintenance Pump

At the heart of every heavy-duty machinery’s performance lies the transmission maintenance pump. Part numbers 181199A4, CA134725, and 146305 are key to identifying this essential component that ensures seamless transmission operations. Designed to tackle the toughest challenges in backhoe loaders, bulldozers, tractors, wheel loaders, and excavators, this pump keeps the machinery running efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Versatile Applications Across Renowned Machinery Brands

The high-pressure transmission maintenance pump is not bound by limitations; it boasts seamless compatibility with renowned machinery brands worldwide. Whether it’s the mighty JCB, reliable CASE, innovative JOHN DEERE, sturdy ZF, reliable PERKINS, dependable CARRARO, efficient CNH, robust NEW HOLLAND, powerful VOLVO, steadfast KOMATSU, versatile TEREX, or the trusted TATA and HYUNDAI, our pump effortlessly steps into the role of the go-to replacement part. No matter the location, customers in the USA, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil, India, Malaysia, and more have witnessed the unmatched performance of our pump in their equipment.

  1. Unlocking the Power of OEM Numbers

Precision and authenticity are guaranteed with the world OEM numbers for our transmission maintenance pump. With OEM number 87429970 for CASE CNH, 219000645 for CARRARO, 64380 for KOMATSU, CA0135190 for VOLVO, and 11716780 for TEREX machinery, equipment owners can rest assured that the perfect fit is just a pump away. Say goodbye to transmission-related headaches and experience seamless integration with your machinery.

  1. Unbeatable Advantages, Unmatched Quality

As China’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure transmission pumps, we take pride in the unbeatable advantages we offer. Our commitment to maintaining competitive prices without compromising quality is the cornerstone of our success. With no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement, we empower our customers to procure pumps as per their unique needs. Moreover, our fast response time within 2 working hours ensures minimal downtime and uninterrupted operations for your machinery.

  1. Connecting at the Bauma China Exhibition

We value our customers and believe in fostering connections through our participation in the renowned Bauma China exhibition. This biennial event serves as a platform for us to engage with industry professionals, understand evolving machinery needs, and demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of our products. It’s a testament to our dedication to continuous improvement and catering to your specific requirements.


In conclusion, the high-pressure transmission maintenance pump, featuring part numbers 181199A4, CA134725, and 146305, is the ultimate solution for elevating machinery performance. Trusted by renowned machinery brands worldwide, our pump guarantees seamless transmission operations and unparalleled reliability. The power of OEM numbers 87429970, 219000645, 64380, CA0135190, and 11716780 further underscores its authenticity and compatibility.

Experience the difference our top-notch transmission maintenance pump makes in powering your machinery for enhanced performance and productivity. Explore our product range at, and for inquiries or orders, reach out to us at For direct communication, contact us via WhatsApp at +86 13857865534. Unleash the true potential of your machinery with our trusted transmission maintenance pump, and witness the seamless transformation in your heavy machinery operations.

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