With a legacy spanning over many years, we have firmly established ourselves as a leading authority in the realm of machinery pumps. Our diverse range of high-quality pumps encompasses applications across various sectors, including engineering machinery pumps, automotive pumps, forklift pumps, etc.

We take immense pride in being a preferred supplier for aftermarket pumps on famous brands, such as JCB, CASE, PERKINS, CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, DANA, CARRARO, JOHN DEERE, ZF, FORD, KOMATSU, ISUZU, FORD, VOLVO, and more. In the meantime, we are still making an effort to develop new pumps for more models and brands.

Our global footprint extends to an extensive customer base in countries around the world. From the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia to Russia, Iran, Malaysia, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Morocco, and South Africa, we have been instrumental in powering machinery across borders.

At the heart of our success lie several core advantages that have set us apart from the competition. Our unwavering commitment to superior raw material quality, stringent finished product control systems, and an unshakable dedication to timely delivery have consistently exceeded the expectations of our clients. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, offering quick and effective communication. Small minimum order quantities (MOQ) make us accessible to a wide range of businesses, and our dedication to providing perfect after-sales services ensures a complete customer experience.

We are not merely a machinery pump supplier; we are your trusted partner in innovation, efficiency, and reliability. With a track record built on excellence and a vision set for the future, we are poised to continue delivering unmatched quality to businesses worldwide.

CATERPILLAR engine oil pump 1614113

Our CATERPILLAR oil pumps mainly include below OEM part no, 4N0733, 4N8734, 1192924, 1614111, 1614113, 4P-5638, 4W2448, 6Y3864, 121-7385, 307-3036, 307-3063, 350-0666, 1614112, 1898777, etc. And we will develop new pumps, so each year, we will have new pumps for our valued customers.

Our CASE pumps range from 257953A1, 257954A1, D149283, 119994A1, 121124A1, 137093A1, 181199A4, 87429970, TURNER 911, etc.

CASE backhoe loader transmission pump 181199A4

CUMMINS engine oil pump 3937027

Our CUMMINS oil pumps include 3926203, 3930338, 3937027, 4003950, 4897480, 4939586, 4939588, 4941464. We will have many new pumps coming in the next coming year.

Our PERKINS oil pumps include the following parts, 4132F051, 4132F056, 4132F057, 41314067, 41314078, 41314182, U5MK8266, U5MK8267. With safe packing way, we guarantee good quality and on-time delivery with you. 

PERKINS engine oil pump 4132F057

KOMATSU oil pump 6221-51-1101

Our KOMATSU oil charge pumps including these parts, 6136-51-1002, 6136-52-1210, 6151-51-1005, 6204-51-1201, 6209-51-1201, 6221-51-1101, 6221-53-1101. Feel free to contact us freely for your inquiry or need, and we will reply to you within 2 hours during our working hours.

Our ISUZU oil pumps have the below pumps such as 1-11310-199-0, 1-13100-241-0, 8-94366-241-0, 8-97136-463-0, 8-98128-134-0. You can contact us for any of your inquiries. We will send you quotations shortly within 2 hours during our working hours.

ISUZU engine oil pump 8-97136-463-0

ZF transmission gear pump 0501208765 for 4WG180 gear box

Our ZF transmission pumps have these parts, 0501208765, 0501214894, 0501220664. You can contact us for any of your inquiries at any time. We will send you quotations as soon as possible. And we can send you samples for your evaluation if you need them.

The JOHN DEERE transmission pumps are from AL166639, AT179792, to AT331223. Surely we will develop new pumps for JOHN DEERE machines in the coming year. Feel free to contact us for your new inquiry. Samples can be sent to you if you inquire.

JOHN DEERE hydraulic pump AL166639

JCB 20900400, 20925327, 04500217, 20915900

Our most popular JCB pumps are 20900400 and 20925552 which are sold in heavy volume in Asia, Middle East countries, and African markets. These pumps are mainly used on JCB 3cx, 3dx and 4cx backhoe loaders, et. 

Our FORD pumps are in E6NN3K514AB, XS6E-6600-AG, etc. They are used in FORD tractors and other machines. We export high-quality aftermarket transmission oil pumps, with one year guarantee period. Low MOQ requirement. Contact us when you are looking for such products, thank you.

FORD oil pump XS6E-6600-AG

TCM forlift pump 15583-80221

We also sell forklift pumps in very large volumes of quantities. The forklift pumps are for brands, HANGCHA, HELI forklift and, TCM forklifts. The pumps are used on 3-ton forklifts and 5-ton forklift pumps. 

Our VOLKSWAGEN pumps are in 027 115 105, 03L 115 105 B, 03D 115 105G, 04E 115 105 N, 06A 115 105D, 068 115 105 AN, 06H 115 105 AC, 06H 103 144 F, etc. They are used in VOLKSWAGEN Golf, Polo, Skoda, and Audi. We export high-quality aftermarket engine oil pumps, with one year guarantee period. Low MOQ requirement. Contact us when you are looking for such products, thank you.

VOLKSWAGEN engine oil pump 027 115 105

KUBOTA hydraulic pump T1150-36403

We also sell KUBOTA oil pumps in very large volumes of quantities. The KUBOTA pumps we have are T1150-36403, 5H470-27103, 3K021-82200, 3C081-82204, and 3H001-82204. The pumps are hydraulic steering pumps, they are used on KUBOTA tractors, etc. 

Our CARRARO oil pumps are CA134125 and CA0135190 transmission pumps. The pumps are for backhoe loaders. The pumps are also used in KOMATSU, VOLVO, CASE New Holland, Perkins, etc.

CASE backhoe loader transmission pump 181199A4

Bomba de Óleo do Motor Deutz F6L912

DEUTZ oil pumps are also in our product range. Our DEUTZ engine oil pumps range from F6L912, F4M2011, F4M1011, F4L912, F3M2011, 04502445, 04297075, 04282358, 04259225, etc. 

Our DANA (Clark) hydraulic pumps include part No 246495, etc.

DANA charge pump spicer 246495